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An Apple a Day

Manuel informed me the other day that there would be a party to celebrate his student teacher becoming a real teacher.  Of course, all teachers like apples. Right?  Manuel thought she (and the members of his class) would probably prefer cake balls.  So, we did both!  He came home and let me know that everyone raved about the cake balls.  I have a feeling he walked a block down the street and had his own cake ball party!

If you’ve never heard of cake balls, or cake truffles as my caking friend, Diane, calls them…definitely check out Bakerella’s blog. She is way more amazing than me!  One more look at those amazing pieces of deliciousness!


It’s Clutch

I’ve been brainstorming new ideas as friend’s birthdays come around.  I figure they don’t want a set of blocks with their name on it (the post is coming soon, I promise!)  So, during my free time lately I’ve been browsing blogs.  I came across the tutorial for these gathered clutches at Noodlehead.  I instantly loved it and thought I would give it a try.

Mind you, I have never tried gathering anything.  So, although she said the project was quick and easy, I first had to have a session at youtube helping me figure out how to gather!  I think I did okay…  I recently had organized all my fabric and so my coordinating fabrics were easy to find and so I decided to go all out with two credit card pockets and a divider.  This was my second zipper use and I found it super easy to do here.  I think I’ve officially overcome my zipperphobia!  I even found a few dollars around the house to make it look authentic!  I’m excited to try this again soon.  Happy Birthday Friend!  


I finished the cabled brim hat and I must say, toot toot. I started with the yarn I was so excited to use – a watermelon color alpaca – but after getting it into a giant knotted ball, I realized I didn’t have enough. I ended up using a raspberry Vanna’s Choice (don’t judge) I had from another project.

The pattern had you make the hat in three pieces starting with the hat. Cables are a lot of fun, and if you’ve never done them I hope you’re not intimidated – seriously, super easy. Here’s the giant ear warmer version.

Next came the brim, stuffed with plastic from a Cool Whip container (I had to take a couple of bites to empty it…it helps in the creative process). Then I knit a thin strip for the band.

I always get nervous at this part of the project – will it actually work? Is this going to be lame? As the creator, you find all of the flaws and weirdness, which I think is part of the lure of homemade projects for a lot of people. But if you’re a perfectionist, it can be the death of any creative endeavor. I kept on going though and with some tacking, readjusting, buttons, and input from the family as I jammed pins into my head, viola! It didn’t turn out wonky!

Second Time’s a Charm.

After posting my dress last week, I’ve been following LBG Studio where she has been having guest bloggers give some tutorials.  I loved this tutorial and I was so excited to try it.  I ended up having some extra time on my hands the last couple of days (read: my house is a disaster at the moment) and so here’s the finished product.

Caking by Ear

Some people can play music by ear, some need music.  Some people can draw without a reference, others always are going off of a picture.  I learned an important lesson about myself this week.  I can not “cake by ear”.  I have been making cakes for a while now. In fact, here is the first cake I made, back for K’s 7th birthday.

In that time, I’ve had my fair share of cakes worth tooting about, but also plenty that caking fails.  Why, am I bringing this up, you might wonder.  This past weekend my friend was celebrating her birthday and I wanted to surprise her by bringing by a cake.  I had visions in my head of what this cake would look like but never really searched online for a cake that might look like it.  Her cake was an epic fail.  So much so that I didn’t even take a single picture.  She did say it tasted good, but as another friend once said jokingly, “You’re not really about the taste, you’re more about the looks” SIDE NOTE-all my cakes are yummy and delicious!  Above all I learned a priceless lesson that having an example is not always a bad thing!  So, to make myself feel better I decided I would add a few of my cakes that were picture worthy!  Here are some oldie, but goodies…

Gage celebrates the big one with a turtle cake.  He had spent the first 12 months of his life looking very much like a turtle!

Karmen’s 10th birthday, flower power…

Boyce’s first birthday.  He spent his whole first 18 months of life with his tongue hanging out of his mouth, so we always called him our little pup.

My first fondant cake that is photo worthy.  My son’s namesake.

***since these pictures were taken I’ve learned about the marvels of cake boards and no longer have my cakes displayed on foil covered trays!

Dress a girl around the world

LBG studio

I saw this sew·a·long on a blog I was visiting recently, which they are challenging sewers (ones who sew, not where our waste goes) to take some time to make a dress for an organization called Hope 4 Women’s International.  They are sponsoring a campaign to provide every girl in the world a dress.  Well since I have little opportunities to make things for little girls I was excited to take on this challenge.  LBG Studio  provided a downloadable pdf pattern that I promptly printed out and prepped while putting together Thomas puzzles.
I began looking around at the fabric I had at home, since this was during nap time, and thought I had a problem.  You see, when a majority of your projects are for boys, you have a lot of blue and greens. 
guest blogger on LBG Studios, helped me solve my problem.  Her flower-shaped tutorial, added the girly touch to my some-what boy colored dress!

And so, just after a few hours I was able to produce this pretty cute pillowcase dress (toot-toot) that hopefully will make it’s way to some sweet girl that needs it a little more than my boys!

My models were less than cooperative when trying to do a photoshoot.  I finally bribed the older one, (turns out that it fit him better anyways) and promised him I would not show his face and humiliate him publicly!

Want to make one too?  Click on the picture on the top of the page to find out all the details.

Cabled Brim Hat…Here I Come

Alright I’m about to start this hat. I have different yarn [beautiful, watermelon, soft, and delicious] than this pattern calls for so I hope my gauge works out. And are you ready for this? It’s for ME! Anyone want to join me? Here’s the pattern – post pictures if you do it!