Knitted Baby Book



A friend of mine has a [doll-face of a] daughter who just turned one in February. I wanted to make her this book (from here) and I started it around the holidays. Then I thought, “Hm, no, maybe she won’t like this. I’ll set it aside and make it for my son.” Well, there went my motivation. Then, about two weeks before her birthday party, I decided she in fact would like it, so in a flurry of mistakes and weirdness, I finished this book (actually the morning of her party I finished it). Therefore, I didn’t block it, the whipstitching on the edge is crappy, and I don’t like the color choices on the fish page. BUT! It turned out cute, I learned how to do intarsia, and most importantly the birthday girl (i.e. her mom) liked it.


2 responses to “Knitted Baby Book

  • Corrie Tienhaara

    Hey friend. I’m loving reading these blogs. I would really like to know where you got the pattern for this great book. I’d like to make it for a friends baby( not born yet) for her shower. Would you share your resource??

  • Alley Cat

    It’s in a book called “Boho Baby Knits” but I can send you the pattern…send me your address on Facebook.

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