Who doesn’t love to match?

I made this matching hat and glittens as a Christmas present for a friend who once told me she loved purple and brown.

I HATE projects where you do the same thing over and over and over and over…thus I’ll never make a blanket or some sweater or a scarf for a giant. This pattern was great because each row you were doing something different and before you knew it, you were binding off. The pattern called for one color but I thought the garter stitch rows (rows where you knit consecutive rows rather than knitting a row then purling a row) would be fun to throw in a different color. Also, I decided I don’t like bobbles…those bumpy little nubbins (they’re on this project but it’s hard to see). I guess they could be cute on some things, but I’ve yet to find that cute thing. I really wanted to keep these for myself, but oh well. Someday I WILL make something for me…someday.


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