Caking by Ear

Some people can play music by ear, some need music.  Some people can draw without a reference, others always are going off of a picture.  I learned an important lesson about myself this week.  I can not “cake by ear”.  I have been making cakes for a while now. In fact, here is the first cake I made, back for K’s 7th birthday.

In that time, I’ve had my fair share of cakes worth tooting about, but also plenty that caking fails.  Why, am I bringing this up, you might wonder.  This past weekend my friend was celebrating her birthday and I wanted to surprise her by bringing by a cake.  I had visions in my head of what this cake would look like but never really searched online for a cake that might look like it.  Her cake was an epic fail.  So much so that I didn’t even take a single picture.  She did say it tasted good, but as another friend once said jokingly, “You’re not really about the taste, you’re more about the looks” SIDE NOTE-all my cakes are yummy and delicious!  Above all I learned a priceless lesson that having an example is not always a bad thing!  So, to make myself feel better I decided I would add a few of my cakes that were picture worthy!  Here are some oldie, but goodies…

Gage celebrates the big one with a turtle cake.  He had spent the first 12 months of his life looking very much like a turtle!

Karmen’s 10th birthday, flower power…

Boyce’s first birthday.  He spent his whole first 18 months of life with his tongue hanging out of his mouth, so we always called him our little pup.

My first fondant cake that is photo worthy.  My son’s namesake.

***since these pictures were taken I’ve learned about the marvels of cake boards and no longer have my cakes displayed on foil covered trays!


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