It’s Clutch

I’ve been brainstorming new ideas as friend’s birthdays come around.  I figure they don’t want a set of blocks with their name on it (the post is coming soon, I promise!)  So, during my free time lately I’ve been browsing blogs.  I came across the tutorial for these gathered clutches at Noodlehead.  I instantly loved it and thought I would give it a try.

Mind you, I have never tried gathering anything.  So, although she said the project was quick and easy, I first had to have a session at youtube helping me figure out how to gather!  I think I did okay…  I recently had organized all my fabric and so my coordinating fabrics were easy to find and so I decided to go all out with two credit card pockets and a divider.  This was my second zipper use and I found it super easy to do here.  I think I’ve officially overcome my zipperphobia!  I even found a few dollars around the house to make it look authentic!  I’m excited to try this again soon.  Happy Birthday Friend!  


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