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A Martha Easter

For Christmas, my MIL got me a subscription for Martha Stewart Living.  I’m eager each month of it to arrive to scour and come up with new ideas to steal as my own!  Her April edition had blue and white Easter eggs and chick cookie, and I knew instantly I wanted that to be the theme for our Easter party. 

I found candy that was blue and white and placed them in these cute $1 Target buckets around the tables.  Pictured here are the York Peppermint Patty drops.  (other blue and white candy:  gummy bears-blueberry and white chocolate…yum!, jelly belly-blueberry and vanilla bean, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, robin eggs, mentos, coconut kisses, and how could I forget the highly addictive Cadbury Mini Egg! )

Not a party without some cake pops and a cake!  Still not quite sure how Bakerella gets hers so smooth and well decorated.  This was my first attempt at a topsy turvy cake.  This was one busy chick!!! (the bird, not me)And when you have I’m pretty sure napkin folding is a legitimate school subject, right? Because this may or may not have been an item on a certain girl’s homeschool list!


Nothing Says I’m Sorry Like…

The other day, I spoke without thinking, and rudely told my friend that she must never cooked anything that tastes good considering her lack of spices. Ha!  I did say it in the nicest tone. I realized later, that might have been a tad too harsh.  So, in sincere effort to apologize, I showed up the next day with a new group of spices and recipes.But what better way to dress up the gift than with this cute apron! I found the tutorial here and she wasn’t lying, this really only takes an hour to make, if that.  It was so easy, and I love the bow that goes around the waist.  I’m also thankful for skinny models so I don’t have to show off my own midsection!

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Since I haven’t been very crafty as of recent, I’m making a shout out to my productive era of knitting I like to call pregnancy.

I found this turtle in a great book, Knitted Toys: 25 fresh and fabulous designs, by Zoe Mellor (click here to check it out), and it seemed like a fun and colorful project to make for the baby on the way. It had a lot of pieces but reading through it, I thought, “Hey, why not? I can totally handle this!”

It turned out to be a perfect project for all of my couch schluffing, feet propping, and cereal eating days and little by little it came together. I used cotton yarn because I figured it would be going in the wash a lot, and I went with bolder colors than the book featured. The hardest part was making the shell; I knit each color swatch individually and then patched them altogether. In the book’s picture, it’s seamless; in mine, well, it’s patchy. I thought it went well with the whole homemade toy, rustic/vintage look thing so that’s how I justified it.

I finished this turtle one day before I went into labor – pretty good timing I’d say. All in all I’m pleased with it and it was a great project to pick up and put down as time allowed. The only change I’ve made to it since this photograph is an eye removal – I kept having nightmares of one green eye lodging itself into my son’s throat. Do turtles even move enough to warrant eyes? I don’t think so.

The House that Momma Snod built…

This is The House that Momma Snod built…The little girl who this was built for lives in a house with three yellow walls, and one blue wall…which made a perfect color scheme!

The house opens up to have an inside and a garden for the people to play on.I originally made the house just as the pattern described in my awesome book, but we decided to do some renovations to make the house a little easier for 1 year old, E to open.

Want to make one of your own?  Follow this awesome tutorial on this blog.

Turtle Bites

There are three types of people:  Cake, cookie, or brownie.  Which one are you?  I definitely fall into the brownie category.  Cake decorating is safe for me because I don’t really enjoy eating the cake.  Lately, I’ve been stepping into dangerous territories.  Meet, brownie bites.  
The bites themselves are to die for, but on these I added homemade caramel sauce and nuts to the top of these to make the turtle bites.

Oh, my!

Get ready for the double toot, because my cake stand is actually an old vase that I glued to a plate!

Noteworthy Notebooks

I recently started homeschooling our oldest daughter, a little background here if you’re interested.  Since it wasn’t exactly her first choice of options, I decided to brighten up her school notebooks.  

I used this super easy flower to decorate one of the notebooks.  I wish I would have let it unravel a little more, but maybe over time it will.  It was my first time to make one of these but I have a feeling they will be adorning other projects in the near future.  

I loved this color combination, these were some scraps left over from a project I’ll be posting in a few days.

This is a song by Mercy Me that makes me reminds me of K and my prayer for her during this time.  I would usually use printable fabric for this but I had run out and was in a hurry to get these made before school started.  Instead I used a t-shirt transfer.  It’s not as pretty as the fabric, but it still serves its purpose.

I’m hoping that the work on the inside of these will be just as awesome as the outside!

Knitty for Sweets

A friend of mine asked me if I would knit a few things for an AmeriCorps fundraiser in April called Sweets for Success. It’s a great evening that benefits students in the Federal Way School District by raising money for extracurricular activities (sports, arts, music, etc.) to deserving students. There is a live auction as well as a silent auction and the best part, desserts of all kinds! All money goes straight to the kids.

So of course I said yes but as usual, I didn’t leave myself enough time. I wanted to knit a lot more but I only go to do some coasters, a baby hat, and some fingerless gloves.