Noteworthy Notebooks

I recently started homeschooling our oldest daughter, a little background here if you’re interested.  Since it wasn’t exactly her first choice of options, I decided to brighten up her school notebooks.  

I used this super easy flower to decorate one of the notebooks.  I wish I would have let it unravel a little more, but maybe over time it will.  It was my first time to make one of these but I have a feeling they will be adorning other projects in the near future.  

I loved this color combination, these were some scraps left over from a project I’ll be posting in a few days.

This is a song by Mercy Me that makes me reminds me of K and my prayer for her during this time.  I would usually use printable fabric for this but I had run out and was in a hurry to get these made before school started.  Instead I used a t-shirt transfer.  It’s not as pretty as the fabric, but it still serves its purpose.

I’m hoping that the work on the inside of these will be just as awesome as the outside!


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