Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Since I haven’t been very crafty as of recent, I’m making a shout out to my productive era of knitting I like to call pregnancy.

I found this turtle in a great book, Knitted Toys: 25 fresh and fabulous designs, by Zoe Mellor (click here to check it out), and it seemed like a fun and colorful project to make for the baby on the way. It had a lot of pieces but reading through it, I thought, “Hey, why not? I can totally handle this!”

It turned out to be a perfect project for all of my couch schluffing, feet propping, and cereal eating days and little by little it came together. I used cotton yarn because I figured it would be going in the wash a lot, and I went with bolder colors than the book featured. The hardest part was making the shell; I knit each color swatch individually and then patched them altogether. In the book’s picture, it’s seamless; in mine, well, it’s patchy. I thought it went well with the whole homemade toy, rustic/vintage look thing so that’s how I justified it.

I finished this turtle one day before I went into labor – pretty good timing I’d say. All in all I’m pleased with it and it was a great project to pick up and put down as time allowed. The only change I’ve made to it since this photograph is an eye removal – I kept having nightmares of one green eye lodging itself into my son’s throat. Do turtles even move enough to warrant eyes? I don’t think so.


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