A Martha Easter

For Christmas, my MIL got me a subscription for Martha Stewart Living.  I’m eager each month of it to arrive to scour and come up with new ideas to steal as my own!  Her April edition had blue and white Easter eggs and chick cookie, and I knew instantly I wanted that to be the theme for our Easter party. 

I found candy that was blue and white and placed them in these cute $1 Target buckets around the tables.  Pictured here are the York Peppermint Patty drops.  (other blue and white candy:  gummy bears-blueberry and white chocolate…yum!, jelly belly-blueberry and vanilla bean, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, robin eggs, mentos, coconut kisses, and how could I forget the highly addictive Cadbury Mini Egg! )

Not a party without some cake pops and a cake!  Still not quite sure how Bakerella gets hers so smooth and well decorated.  This was my first attempt at a topsy turvy cake.  This was one busy chick!!! (the bird, not me)And when you have I’m pretty sure napkin folding is a legitimate school subject, right? Because this may or may not have been an item on a certain girl’s homeschool list!


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