The Best Kind of Garden

I love(d) making cupcakes…the d is on that because I haven’t made any in a long time, but something about the size of them made it seem more manageable. MamaSnod helped me overcome my fear of cakes, but I still don’t feel right making one without her. Plus my sister-in-law makes stuff you see on TV so that’s kind of intimidating. All of that to say…cupcakes are happy.

I made these in 2009 for a friend who loves to garden. Everything on the cupcakes is edible (except the toothpick on the shovel, of course). It took a long time to assemble everything, but it was a lot of fun! My favorite part was doing the leaves for the lettuce and radishes. They’re cereal flakes that you dip in melted green chocolate and let dry – how creative! The book I got the idea from is SO great – Hello, Cupcake! (and it’s follow-up, What’s New, Cupcake?) They have the cutest cupcakes and it’s designed so that you don’t have to have all the gear – anyone can make them with time and a little creative juice. (Side note…do you ever wish there WAS such a thing as creative juice? I’ve wished for that so many times.)

As I’m feeling kind of burned out on knitting right now – again, wishing I had some of that juice – I need SOMETHING to do so maybe I’ll make a batch of cupcakes. I’m also thinking about taking a beginning sewing class because MamaSnod’s stuff is so dang cute…it’s kind of irresistible. Also on the doc-it is to plant an actual garden; we’ll see if that happens – should we do it together Snod? We can compare notes on here.

And I’m sorry, readers, that I’m not a cool photographer with a nifty camera; I apologize on behalf of your eyes. With that, happy May!


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