My Favorite Things… Part 2

I know you all have been on the edge of your seats for #2, sorry to keep you waiting.  The story behind this book is a tear-jerker which makes this gift even that more special.  We’ve talked about baby E several other times in our posts and she is a special little girl.  Unfortunately,  baby E never got to meet her Daddy because he gave his life to fight for our freedom five months before she was born.  I wanted to give E something special and baby-proof to remember her hero by.  I brainstormed for weeks and came up with this idea.  This is the project where I discovered printable fabric.  It changed my life!  I didn’t have a pattern for this book, but basically followed the idea from one of the boys’ cloth books they had around the house.  Each layer has batting in between it to give some extra padding.
I printed off pictures of Baby E’s dad (and mom) and framed them so that eventually, after being washed, they would ravel around the edges.  I loved finding pictures that really exemplified his personality!I loved making this book for Baby E and only wish it could have been under better circumstances.  


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