Square Foot Shout Out


This is a picture of our square foot garden.  It is the way to go.  Alley Cat posted hers a few weeks ago, I was waiting for some action before I posted ours.  The idea behind square foot is that anyone, anywhere can garden.  We live in a rental house with really nice grass. I didn’t want to do anything that could ruin the grass and result in us having to reseed.  So, here is our table garden!  (we clearly have a little weight issue in the middle, but I think we’ll survive!)  

We bought the lumber for the sides and then found some plywood on clearance for .50 for the base.  My trusty son helped me put it all together.  We had this old table that we put it on with a little space for water to drain from the holes he drilled in the base.  I love that I don’t have to bend over to Garden and that I don’t have little helpers picking off growing sprouts.  The goal is to divide your area into square feet (which we did with these old shoe strings!) with the understanding that plants only need that much space to grow.  If you haven’t heard of the whole deal, check it out at squarefootgardening.org to learn all the ins and outs.  

Hiding behind the Mustard Greens is a container with some sprouting strawberry seeds, and we also have another container that has some more zucchini (bring on the bread!)

And the best part is…no weeds, tilling, hoeing, backbreaking, grueling work!


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