Sewing 101

I took the plunge – I took my first sewing class! Mama Snod makes such cute things and now that I don’t live near her, I decided it was time for me to jump on the bandwagon.

So I signed up for a pillow sewing class and created this little gem.

I LOVE the fabric – someday when I decorate a place of my own, I want neutral colors for couches and bedspreads so that I can do bold splashes of color. The pillow pattern is essentially two pillows and then those are sewn together, which gives it more of that finished look. It was a 3 hour class and so satisfying to walk out with a finished project.

Mama Snod came to visit this past weekend and we had an amazing weekend of crafting and researching new projects (more to come soon!). I’m so excited to look through tutorials and grow in my sewing skills, but classes are nice too because you learn the tricks from the teacher that you may not learn if just following a blog pattern or something in a book.

Crafting truly is therapeutic – I’m feeling very inspired after spending a few days with The Machine (love you, Mama Snod).


One response to “Sewing 101

  • ShanDusty Little

    She is a machine! And I LOVE the fabric too! Looks like you have a nice steady hand. Well done kiddo! I think it wants a twin in my home. Hmm…sewing done by Shannon? Reunited and it feels so good! (I’m dreaming I’m sewing again. I think I’ll be dreaming for awhile.)

    PS-I miss you.

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