Curtain Call

We’re having an influx of visitors this summer.  We love having visitors but have had them sleep in some interesting places in our house.  After inheriting an extra bed this spring we decided to convert our toy room to the guest room for the summer.  Our first must was curtains to cover all five windows in our round room!

It was actually my sweet husband that suggested that I simply sew the curtains, even after this post and surprising the project didn’t take as long as I had thought.  All I needed was my iron and my sewing machine.  I didn’t use any fancy hems, so they were easy to pump out before our first second guest arrived.  We bought our fabric from Ikea on sale and the total cost was about $30.  Not too bad for five curtains!  And a much welcome break from the 4:30 am wake up call from the Pacific NW sun.


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