Big Machine…Little Projects

I just celebrated a birthday and as a wonderful gift from my husband, I got my first brand new machine! It’s the Sewist 500 by Janome, and even though I had a little sticker shock, I’m happy to have gotten a quality machine that will last for a while.I got to work right away, excited to try one of the many tutorials from all of our favorite websites. “This will be easy, right? There are step by step photos and I’ll bust out a cute purse by tonight…easy.”


My high hopes, unrealistic, results-oriented self learned a sobering lesson yesterday afternoon: I am the definition of novice.

I made a headband from Craft Buds as something to do during my son’s afternoon nap. Around 10pm that night (don’t worry I took breaks to feed him and actually be a mom) I got my headband!

But I felt unaccomplished so I googled sewing tutorials for beginners and found this pin cushion pattern.

Lets just say I’m not quite sure yet of how the mechanics of putting something together works…as you can tell.

After cry/laughing, I soldiered on to finish this.

I know, I know, impressive…I’ll be opening my Etsy account soon so you can find more great products like balls of scrap thread, finished strips of bias tape, and square pieces of fabric.

As my sister-in-law reminded me today, however, I just got the machine yesterday and maybe I should have a little patience. How many years, after all, did I knit scarves and ONLY scarves?

So here’s to learning something new – that’s the whole joy, frustration, delight, and craziness of crafting, right? I hope my small attempts grow into bigger and better projects, but until then, I’ll be taking orders for pincushions and other small pieces of square fabric.


2 responses to “Big Machine…Little Projects

  • Faye

    Love your blog and writing style! Hey, I’d buy one of your pincushions…they’re pretty cute. I’m inspired to make some of my own. Keep up the great work. 🙂

  • Erica (SiL, Totes Jealous/Excited for You)

    That headband is adorable, and you will be sewing all kinds of quality stuff in no time. Unlike my beautiful (but unnecessarily expensive) camera, a sewing machine will pay for itself if you learn to sew even a few things and tailor things like hems. You’ll be burning through great projects in no time. You just need to learn – and what fun you’ll have while you’re doing it! Enjoy your new toy!

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