Forces United

At long last, Mama Snod and I were together again for a cake decorating extravaganza. It was epic. It was stressful. It was inspiring. It was exhausting.

My son turned one and she flew out to do the cake with me, because that’s how this whole friendship started: cake experiments. The party was on a Sunday and we got right to work on Friday, which was a good thing too.

Enjoy the progression of a two-tier cake that included strawberry cheesecake filling, homemade fondant, German chocolate gooeyness, and cake spackle.

My son’s smash cake on the left, the white cake bottom tier, and the German chocolate cake in the back. All done Friday and put in the freezer.

Fillings, frostings, and spackle. Thanks to my sister-in-law, pastry chef extraordinaire, for all of the cake tips.

The midst of the Saturday madness…lunch eaten on the go, as you can see.

Getting closer…all red and blue pieces made of marshmallow fondant.

The finished products! E’s smash cake on the left and the main cake. I saw the cake toppers online for $35 made out of clay so I decided to try my hand at them. For a fraction of the price I made a pretty good replica.

It was a great weekend and I’m so blessed she came out to essentially be put to work. Blogs are great ways to stay connected and feel apart of a greater community, but it’s so nice to do things together with an actual person. So thank you, Mama Snod, for being such an inspiring friend and helping make E’s day so special. Toot TOOT!


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