Baby Blocks

I’m hoping if I post this, it will inspire me to finish the few sets I have sitting on my craft table waiting for me.  We’ve had some house guests the last couple of weeks and I’m out of my rhythm so I’m looking for some motivation!

This is my favorite gift to give to friends who are having babies.  Unless they’re naming them something like Jeremiah, Alexandra or Stephanie.  

I came across this idea from a pattern at a quilt store and thought this was too easy.  I use 6 inch squares that I sew together.  I fill them with polyfil and occasionally a cat toy for a jingle or some plastic for a crinkle.  These are just a few samplings of many sets I’ve made now.

They really are super easy and make such a unique baby gift.  I also try to match the colors I use with the colors/theme of each kids nursery.  And the best part is, kids love them. I’ve seen many babes enjoying these blocks.

So, if you’re one of my many pregnant friends, think of names like Bo, JR or Ann when naming your kids please!


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