Sailor Knot Headband

Now crafty friends, let’s be honest: do you make everything for gifts only to find the recipients don’t think it’s as cool as the 3 days and 14 hours you put into it? Do they never wear/use/play with your gift? Do you sometime feel unappreciated?

I am super blessed with awesome family. When a chance comes around to give them something I make, I get really excited because I know they’ll love what I made them, even if it didn’t turn out how I wanted or if there are mistakes or it doesn’t quite fit (or all of the above).

It was my sister-in-laws birthday this past week and she’s a gem. She loves tiny things, turquoise things, and pretty [not-so-practical] things, which is so endearing. I found this tutorial on one of the many blogs I watch and she immediately came to mind. Really easy, totally functional, and doesn’t hurt your head: sailor knot nautical headband.

I hope you are mesmerized by the cute headband and not disgusted by how dirty my hair is…

Not a very focused picture, but you get the idea. So nice to have the hair tie to connect it – it doesn’t hurt your head after a whole day like every other headband in the world. A sewing machine is helpful but not necessary for this project.

I still love shopping for gifts, but I think all gifts should be supplemented with something straight from the giver’s hands. If you’re related to me and hate homemade things…so sorry.


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