Fare thee well…

Well, finally, after six weeks of having absolutely NO ENERGY (for a very good reason of a little bean growing in my belly) , I managed to get this craft finished before my dear friend left.

My absolute number one dislike about army is good-byes.  There is just no easy way to do it.  My friend that just left moved here about the same time as me.  She lived six houses down from me.  Her husband and mine were gone the exact same time.  Her son is two weeks older than mine.  We were each other’s wife for a year.  We explored much of Washington together.  With this last fact, I felt it only appropriate to send her son off with a book of Washington.

I had a great time reminiscing over our last few years together as I looked through my photos to choose which ones to use.  It was crazy to see how much the boys had grown from when they were 5 months, and how much of Washington we actually explored together. I did include a few places that were very Washington that we didn’t see together, but that’s ok!I used the wonderful fabric you can print on for the pictures and the kids and I had fun looking for “Washington” fabrics to use.  I love the umbrellas!The edges still look a little rough here but after some washes and use, they will fray nicely and not be shedding all the time.  

Here’s Boyce giving his buddy one last hug.  We’re going to miss you!


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