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Slowly, but surely

I’m slowly making my way back to the craft world.  I miss it, but my energy is lacking.  Sudden burst of energy+original birthday present idea fail=

I found the pattern here, and didn’t have the fun ruffle fabric so I did some adjusting to give it its own style.  Oh and did I mention I only had a few hours to get it done in.  I think I need to pace myself a little better as I head back in!


Baby Mania

Everyone seems pregnant, don’t they? A big congrats to Mama Snod, by the way…I couldn’t be happier and couldn’t be dreaming of more crafts to make for her little one on the way.

I’ve gotten some requests for baby hats so like an elf clicking away into the night on my needles, I’ve been cranking out hats, slowly but surely.

I may get carpal tunnel soon, but I’ve made some pretty creations in the process.

Cherry blossom hat

Owl hat

Felted giraffe hat

Matching flour sack hat and bloomers


I absolutely love making baby hats, well, baby things in general, simply because it’s so quick. Most of the hats I made in one night (1-2 hours) and then added all of the detail work. The owl, giraffe, and cherry blossom hat were all new things for me to try…using felt and techniques like blanket stitching, i-cord knitting, and hot gluing (that’s a tricky one! All of those webby strings flying everywhere!)

On the way are fall-themed hats. I found a TON of cute ideas – I’m excited to share!

All of this is making me consider an Etsy account…we’ll see.

Green Puzzle Party

What do you do when this three year old decides that his next birthday is going to be a green puzzle cake?  Well, you go with it.  And be amazed at what you can come up with to make a green puzzle themed party.

The invite ( I didn’t edit this but I had the boys help paint the puzzles green-this was the finger paint green and looks kind of blueish here)We had the guest “sign” a puzzle for a birthday keepsakeThis was a pinata I made from a paper bag.  It was harder to break than you’d think.  We had a puzzle piece hunt in the backyard and then put together the puzzle to reveal the highly anticipated moment.  (Thanks to Manuel for drawing the cake on here for me!)The cakeAnd the rest of the food…

Including cheese cut as puzzle pieces

Green Jello Jigglers

And of course, puzzle cake balls!

All made with the help of this nifty little cookie cutter I sculpted out of an aluminum pan (this is clearly the after picture.  It had a hard day!)

And that, my friends, is a Green Puzzle Party!