A Lego for your Legos

A typical gift starts for me in this fashion.  One, I decide what kind of gift I want to give, ie. bag, arts and crafts gift, apron, etc… Then, I google image the particular gift to decide what kind of style or which tutorial I want to follow.  Once that is decided, I tweak the design to personalize my gift a little.  So, when I was faced with a lego gift, I went through my process and was actually a little taken back.  There really aren’t a huge selection of lego crafts.  Unless I want to melt crayons into little men, which are kind of cute.  Oh, I also saw a tutorial for a lego backpack that they strongly advised no one to ever try!  My next thought was that I’d get some lego fabric and make a backpack out of it and put the birthday boy’s name on it.  Turns out, you can only order lego fabric from Japan and it’s kind of expensive.

Plan C, I decided I wanted to make a bag, shaped like a lego that birthday boy could then place his legos in when he wanted to take them on-the-go.  After I finally came up with an idea I searched around a little to help me accomplish this.

I found a tutorial online for a rectangular bag... and set about making it.  It took me a while to decipher the tutorial, but finally got it down.  The tutorial said that it was fine to use peltex, a heavy duty stabilizer, but it definitely was tricky to work with.

I had the idea of the pegs on top, and then remembered that my sewing machine has all these fancy stitches I never use and so I sewed LEGO on the top of each peg.  I then actually sewed the buttons to the bag and used fabric glue to secure the fabric on.  I’m sure there was an easier and better way to do this but I couldn’t come up with it in my timeframe.  I also was disappointed that the glue discolored the fabric a little and so it looks a little grungy.

Finally, I found a lego font that I downloaded from fonts101.com, and printed the birthday boy’s name onto some fabric using the freezer paper method.  Stay tuned for some of my future freezer paper endeavors!

Whew, it was a lot of work for this somewhat lego shaped looking bag!


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