Monthly Archives: November 2011

Roll up Racetrack

We helped a little friend celebrate his 3rd birthday last week.  This friend loves cars, motorcycles and all things that go.  I’ve seen these car rolls and have attempted them a couple of times but this one I included the fold out racetrack to go with it.  I wanted the race track to be big enough for the cars to really get a chance to burn some rubber so this was the end result.


Here it is all wrapped up!  Very handy to be thrown in a bag, car, purse etc!
And here it is all laid out.  The pockets hold 11 cars which are plenty for whatever situation.  The fold out part is 24×18 so it gives plenty of room for play.  

Here we are giving it a test whirl before wrapping it up to put in the party bag.


Caking up a Storm

I’m so thankful for my new Kitchenaid Mixer that I received as an early Christmas present. I’ve been up to my elbows in cake batter lately and it’s been my savior. Here’s some of the latest:

Monogrammed Baby Shower Cake

Karmen’s Softball Cake

Key Lime Cupcakes for a Zumba Party

Butterfly Cupcakes for Karmen to celebrate her bday with her soccer team

The butterflies were made of candy melts and then placed on top of iced cupcakes

Now I get to take about a week off before diving into Holiday and Manuel’s bday baking!  Look for more fun creations soon!

More of the Same

Hat, bloomers, and booties! Hat is from Baby Beanies, bloomers are from Boho Baby Knits, and booties are from Saartje Knits blog. Made these for a boy on his way and almost kept the hat for my son, but that just wouldn’t be the right thing to do (plus it didn’t fit him).

For the first time ever, I ordered nice yarn from online rather than from Joann…man. What a difference! I got it from and thought the prices were reasonable for the quality. It was like knitting butter – plus everyone commented on how soft the finished pieces were. I never noticed a huge difference after I blocked a piece but with this yarn it was like all of the mistakes and discrepancies vanished. So I might be on the road to yarn snobbery…minus the snob.