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Chai Tea Mason Jar

Maybe this isn’t something to toot about, but why not.

My brother loves the chai latte mixes for the Keurig so I thought for Christmas to make him his own mix instead of spending the $4 per cup (or whatever it costs).

I found the recipe here and mixed it up to put in a cute mason jar, which, in my opinion, can be used for practically anything. Made a label and slapped on some wrapping paper: a great gift, easy, and delicious!


Sailor Knot Headband

Now crafty friends, let’s be honest: do you make everything for gifts only to find the recipients don’t think it’s as cool as the 3 days and 14 hours you put into it? Do they never wear/use/play with your gift? Do you sometime feel unappreciated?

I am super blessed with awesome family. When a chance comes around to give them something I make, I get really excited because I know they’ll love what I made them, even if it didn’t turn out how I wanted or if there are mistakes or it doesn’t quite fit (or all of the above).

It was my sister-in-laws birthday this past week and she’s a gem. She loves tiny things, turquoise things, and pretty [not-so-practical] things, which is so endearing. I found this tutorial on one of the many blogs I watch and she immediately came to mind. Really easy, totally functional, and doesn’t hurt your head: sailor knot nautical headband.

I hope you are mesmerized by the cute headband and not disgusted by how dirty my hair is…

Not a very focused picture, but you get the idea. So nice to have the hair tie to connect it – it doesn’t hurt your head after a whole day like every other headband in the world. A sewing machine is helpful but not necessary for this project.

I still love shopping for gifts, but I think all gifts should be supplemented with something straight from the giver’s hands. If you’re related to me and hate homemade things…so sorry.

Calling All Crafters

How many times have you been in store, picked up something that costs twice as much as it should, and said to yourself, “I could make this”?

Yet that weekend do you go to Joann or Michaels and buy what you need to make it? No way! (If you do, kuddos. Stop reading now.)

Since life is busy and stressful and sometimes it’s nice to do mindless things, how about a craft tutorial day at the house? Invite your friends, learn how to make some cute projects, take them home, and socialize!

Here are some ideas I have so far…

Mason Jar Lantern


Paper & Felt Flowers


Fabric Mirror


Bottle-Cap Magnets


Braided Headband


Glass Tile Pendants

Toot toot for grown-up craft days…because we never outgrow projects, they just get prettier.