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Chai Tea Mason Jar

Maybe this isn’t something to toot about, but why not.

My brother loves the chai latte mixes for the Keurig so I thought for Christmas to make him his own mix instead of spending the $4 per cup (or whatever it costs).

I found the recipe here and mixed it up to put in a cute mason jar, which, in my opinion, can be used for practically anything. Made a label and slapped on some wrapping paper: a great gift, easy, and delicious!


Caking up a Storm

I’m so thankful for my new Kitchenaid Mixer that I received as an early Christmas present. I’ve been up to my elbows in cake batter lately and it’s been my savior. Here’s some of the latest:

Monogrammed Baby Shower Cake

Karmen’s Softball Cake

Key Lime Cupcakes for a Zumba Party

Butterfly Cupcakes for Karmen to celebrate her bday with her soccer team

The butterflies were made of candy melts and then placed on top of iced cupcakes

Now I get to take about a week off before diving into Holiday and Manuel’s bday baking!  Look for more fun creations soon!

Arts and Crafts Party

My friend recently held a party for her cute little daughter who was turning 3.  I had told her I would love to make the cake and really had a blast doing it.  Once we nailed down and arts and crafts theme, I knew this was the cake I wanted.  It was actually a super easy cake to do.

Also,while on Pinterest sucking the hours out of my day researching other ideas, we came across this super cute cake ball palette.  Also a party must!

I really had a great time helping out with this party!  Thanks friend.

Green Puzzle Party

What do you do when this three year old decides that his next birthday is going to be a green puzzle cake?  Well, you go with it.  And be amazed at what you can come up with to make a green puzzle themed party.

The invite ( I didn’t edit this but I had the boys help paint the puzzles green-this was the finger paint green and looks kind of blueish here)We had the guest “sign” a puzzle for a birthday keepsakeThis was a pinata I made from a paper bag.  It was harder to break than you’d think.  We had a puzzle piece hunt in the backyard and then put together the puzzle to reveal the highly anticipated moment.  (Thanks to Manuel for drawing the cake on here for me!)The cakeAnd the rest of the food…

Including cheese cut as puzzle pieces

Green Jello Jigglers

And of course, puzzle cake balls!

All made with the help of this nifty little cookie cutter I sculpted out of an aluminum pan (this is clearly the after picture.  It had a hard day!)

And that, my friends, is a Green Puzzle Party!

Forces United

At long last, Mama Snod and I were together again for a cake decorating extravaganza. It was epic. It was stressful. It was inspiring. It was exhausting.

My son turned one and she flew out to do the cake with me, because that’s how this whole friendship started: cake experiments. The party was on a Sunday and we got right to work on Friday, which was a good thing too.

Enjoy the progression of a two-tier cake that included strawberry cheesecake filling, homemade fondant, German chocolate gooeyness, and cake spackle.

My son’s smash cake on the left, the white cake bottom tier, and the German chocolate cake in the back. All done Friday and put in the freezer.

Fillings, frostings, and spackle. Thanks to my sister-in-law, pastry chef extraordinaire, for all of the cake tips.

The midst of the Saturday madness…lunch eaten on the go, as you can see.

Getting closer…all red and blue pieces made of marshmallow fondant.

The finished products! E’s smash cake on the left and the main cake. I saw the cake toppers online for $35 made out of clay so I decided to try my hand at them. For a fraction of the price I made a pretty good replica.

It was a great weekend and I’m so blessed she came out to essentially be put to work. Blogs are great ways to stay connected and feel apart of a greater community, but it’s so nice to do things together with an actual person. So thank you, Mama Snod, for being such an inspiring friend and helping make E’s day so special. Toot TOOT!

Square Foot Shout Out


This is a picture of our square foot garden.  It is the way to go.  Alley Cat posted hers a few weeks ago, I was waiting for some action before I posted ours.  The idea behind square foot is that anyone, anywhere can garden.  We live in a rental house with really nice grass. I didn’t want to do anything that could ruin the grass and result in us having to reseed.  So, here is our table garden!  (we clearly have a little weight issue in the middle, but I think we’ll survive!)  

We bought the lumber for the sides and then found some plywood on clearance for .50 for the base.  My trusty son helped me put it all together.  We had this old table that we put it on with a little space for water to drain from the holes he drilled in the base.  I love that I don’t have to bend over to Garden and that I don’t have little helpers picking off growing sprouts.  The goal is to divide your area into square feet (which we did with these old shoe strings!) with the understanding that plants only need that much space to grow.  If you haven’t heard of the whole deal, check it out at to learn all the ins and outs.  

Hiding behind the Mustard Greens is a container with some sprouting strawberry seeds, and we also have another container that has some more zucchini (bring on the bread!)

And the best part is…no weeds, tilling, hoeing, backbreaking, grueling work!

A Martha Easter

For Christmas, my MIL got me a subscription for Martha Stewart Living.  I’m eager each month of it to arrive to scour and come up with new ideas to steal as my own!  Her April edition had blue and white Easter eggs and chick cookie, and I knew instantly I wanted that to be the theme for our Easter party. 

I found candy that was blue and white and placed them in these cute $1 Target buckets around the tables.  Pictured here are the York Peppermint Patty drops.  (other blue and white candy:  gummy bears-blueberry and white chocolate…yum!, jelly belly-blueberry and vanilla bean, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, robin eggs, mentos, coconut kisses, and how could I forget the highly addictive Cadbury Mini Egg! )

Not a party without some cake pops and a cake!  Still not quite sure how Bakerella gets hers so smooth and well decorated.  This was my first attempt at a topsy turvy cake.  This was one busy chick!!! (the bird, not me)And when you have I’m pretty sure napkin folding is a legitimate school subject, right? Because this may or may not have been an item on a certain girl’s homeschool list!