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Dog Gone Crazy

As promised, here is the Labrador dog I’ve been working on since October. This pattern stretched me to the limits! Very detailed and precise, lots of pieces (12 total to seam together), and LOTS of time!

I learned (again) the importance of reading a pattern before you start it. I saw this one, thought, “Oh, perfect! They have a Labrador dog so they’ll love this!” and failed to read that the pattern was 7 pages long and is knitted on size 2 needles (translation: instant carpal tunnel.)

I also learned that I am not a perfectionist when it comes to my knitting. This little guy looks more like Santa’s Little Helper from The Simpsons than a sophisticated pooch, but he’s cute and kind of loveable in his goofy way. I’m glad to have finished it despite my feelings of wanting to burn it halfway through.

How could I burn that sweet little face though with his wonky eyes? Side note: I made his little collar too…on my sewing machine…with a one and a half year old in my lap. Job well done. And yes, I feel totally justified in congratulating myself.

More of the Same

Hat, bloomers, and booties! Hat is from Baby Beanies, bloomers are from Boho Baby Knits, and booties are from Saartje Knits blog. Made these for a boy on his way and almost kept the hat for my son, but that just wouldn’t be the right thing to do (plus it didn’t fit him).

For the first time ever, I ordered nice yarn from online rather than from Joann…man. What a difference! I got it from and thought the prices were reasonable for the quality. It was like knitting butter – plus everyone commented on how soft the finished pieces were. I never noticed a huge difference after I blocked a piece but with this yarn it was like all of the mistakes and discrepancies vanished. So I might be on the road to yarn snobbery…minus the snob.

Baby Mania

Everyone seems pregnant, don’t they? A big congrats to Mama Snod, by the way…I couldn’t be happier and couldn’t be dreaming of more crafts to make for her little one on the way.

I’ve gotten some requests for baby hats so like an elf clicking away into the night on my needles, I’ve been cranking out hats, slowly but surely.

I may get carpal tunnel soon, but I’ve made some pretty creations in the process.

Cherry blossom hat

Owl hat

Felted giraffe hat

Matching flour sack hat and bloomers


I absolutely love making baby hats, well, baby things in general, simply because it’s so quick. Most of the hats I made in one night (1-2 hours) and then added all of the detail work. The owl, giraffe, and cherry blossom hat were all new things for me to try…using felt and techniques like blanket stitching, i-cord knitting, and hot gluing (that’s a tricky one! All of those webby strings flying everywhere!)

On the way are fall-themed hats. I found a TON of cute ideas – I’m excited to share!

All of this is making me consider an Etsy account…we’ll see.

Flour Sack Hat

Finally picked up the ol’ knitting needles again and made this little flour sack hat for an expecting friend due in the fall. It’s 0-3 months so my son’s head didn’t suffice as a model.

Enter: cabbage patch. What a great and not at all creepy model!

Really fun and easy hat from Baby Beanies: Happy Hats to Knit for Little Heads. KSam did you finish the one you started?

The only not-so-beginner thing about it is the 3-needle bind-off, which is what makes it straight at the top. The little “ears” are created by tying some yarn around the corners.

I’m feeling a baby hat knitting binge about to happen as the weather cools down (someday?) so more to come.

Knitty for Sweets

A friend of mine asked me if I would knit a few things for an AmeriCorps fundraiser in April called Sweets for Success. It’s a great evening that benefits students in the Federal Way School District by raising money for extracurricular activities (sports, arts, music, etc.) to deserving students. There is a live auction as well as a silent auction and the best part, desserts of all kinds! All money goes straight to the kids.

So of course I said yes but as usual, I didn’t leave myself enough time. I wanted to knit a lot more but I only go to do some coasters, a baby hat, and some fingerless gloves.


I finished the cabled brim hat and I must say, toot toot. I started with the yarn I was so excited to use – a watermelon color alpaca – but after getting it into a giant knotted ball, I realized I didn’t have enough. I ended up using a raspberry Vanna’s Choice (don’t judge) I had from another project.

The pattern had you make the hat in three pieces starting with the hat. Cables are a lot of fun, and if you’ve never done them I hope you’re not intimidated – seriously, super easy. Here’s the giant ear warmer version.

Next came the brim, stuffed with plastic from a Cool Whip container (I had to take a couple of bites to empty it…it helps in the creative process). Then I knit a thin strip for the band.

I always get nervous at this part of the project – will it actually work? Is this going to be lame? As the creator, you find all of the flaws and weirdness, which I think is part of the lure of homemade projects for a lot of people. But if you’re a perfectionist, it can be the death of any creative endeavor. I kept on going though and with some tacking, readjusting, buttons, and input from the family as I jammed pins into my head, viola! It didn’t turn out wonky!