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With a family of 7 we tend to go through cups like toilet paper. No one remembers where they set their glass down , who the cup actually belongs to, or if some certain 3 year old has backwashed in it!

I knew as soon as I saw this on interest that I’d have to give it a try

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Personalized coasters!  Except, being me, I wanted to use what I already had around the house.  Meet fabric personalized coaster!

I took the tutorial from here.  Except I used some old receiving blankets as the middle since i seem to have a plethora of boy colored ones that I have no need for.

I also decided these would be a good project to try some reverse appliqué since I’ve never been brave enough to try it before.  I don’t usually freehand my letters but did this time since I was working on a baby’s nap schedule. You can tell!  And the D did not pop as much as I would have liked, oh well.  They must have been a hit, because I came down this morning to discover them already in use…


A whole new world

Well, phew.  Time to dust off the blog.  It’s been an incredibly crazy time here and as things have slowed down I’m finally getting back to some crafting.

First of all, let’s take a look at this little cutie that at first has cut out my crafting time.  

While she has taken away some of my crafting time she has given me a whole new reason to craft.  Headbands

Baby legs

And little skirts (added the ruffle from my experience here) …sorry, this is from the phone so it’s a little fuzzy.

(the onsies were a gift from my baby shower)

So stay tuned for more craftiness from me as my little one gradually learns to take naps in her crib!

Potlucking in style

Here are a few gifts I made for some friends.  They were very confused as I handed them to them…

And still confused after they unrolled them

And then I explained that they were insulated casserole carriers that can help you carry your hot dishes to parties in style.  Thanks to the book One Yard Wonders, for yet again another great pattern…

You want to be where everyone knows your name…

Yes, I am still alive.  I’ve just been slightly overwhelmed the last few months.  But with Christmas, 4 birthdays, a move, and completely sewing my baby that is to be here any time’s bedding behind me now, I may actually have time to update!  So, there are many posts that are due, but I will start with some Christmas gifts.

I had a few littles to make some gifts for and what is better than having your name on something.  I started with these letters for E.J. and M.  The green fabric that you see here is really crappy and I hated it.  I wish I had chosen something different. I also wish I had chosen more square corners for my letters because the curves were really hard to do.  But all that aside, these letter pillows turned out pretty cute and thankfully their owners aren’t old enough to inspect them too much!I didn’t think Huc would appreciate such a girly present so I went to my favorite standby, printable fabric.  I printed his name and motorcycle design on the fabric and then simply added a hot wheels fabric (left over from here).  It made for a quick, easy and personalized gift.

And of course, my favorite thing to make, baby blocks for the newest little.

Sew Little Experience

My son’s waist goes in instead of out so I’ve been wanting to sew him a little belt. Thinking it would take me two days I kept putting it off until I googled “easy belt tutorial,” found this gem, and realized it literally takes 20 minutes.

Well. In theory.

It took me maybe an hour because I always do things wrong and sewing straight lines really messes me up. I made it too short but then was able to turn that piece into a matching tie for Christmas thanks to this tutorial! It’s velcro so no fuss over tying it.

Photographing him in them is another story, but they work great and are perfect things to make with leftover fabric.

Fleece Socks

Sometimes sewing something new takes a little determination.  Sometimes complicated patterns fall basically make themselves.  Then, sometimes easy patterns, say three pieces of fabric can cause you some really frustration.

Meet fleece socks:

These suckers took me 7, yes 7 attempts to finally get them right.  And yes, I kept trying until I made the socks fit.  I tried several different patterns but finally ended up using this pattern and voila.
The purpose behind these socks was to provide a little comfort to my friend heading to the hospital to have her little baby boy. I hope while many other parts of her are uncomfortable her feet will be in sock heaven.  These are the most comfortable, cozy socks ever!  I plan on making myself several pairs and some for the jealous onlookers that watched me put them together.  

Roll up Racetrack

We helped a little friend celebrate his 3rd birthday last week.  This friend loves cars, motorcycles and all things that go.  I’ve seen these car rolls and have attempted them a couple of times but this one I included the fold out racetrack to go with it.  I wanted the race track to be big enough for the cars to really get a chance to burn some rubber so this was the end result.


Here it is all wrapped up!  Very handy to be thrown in a bag, car, purse etc!
And here it is all laid out.  The pockets hold 11 cars which are plenty for whatever situation.  The fold out part is 24×18 so it gives plenty of room for play.  

Here we are giving it a test whirl before wrapping it up to put in the party bag.