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You want to be where everyone knows your name…

Yes, I am still alive.  I’ve just been slightly overwhelmed the last few months.  But with Christmas, 4 birthdays, a move, and completely sewing my baby that is to be here any time’s bedding behind me now, I may actually have time to update!  So, there are many posts that are due, but I will start with some Christmas gifts.

I had a few littles to make some gifts for and what is better than having your name on something.  I started with these letters for E.J. and M.  The green fabric that you see here is really crappy and I hated it.  I wish I had chosen something different. I also wish I had chosen more square corners for my letters because the curves were really hard to do.  But all that aside, these letter pillows turned out pretty cute and thankfully their owners aren’t old enough to inspect them too much!I didn’t think Huc would appreciate such a girly present so I went to my favorite standby, printable fabric.  I printed his name and motorcycle design on the fabric and then simply added a hot wheels fabric (left over from here).  It made for a quick, easy and personalized gift.

And of course, my favorite thing to make, baby blocks for the newest little.


Cup Cozy

As I’ve stated before, I love small projects and when a friend posted this pattern on my Facebook wall, it was a great project to do in an evening (and then some). Plus it doubled as her Christmas present – bonus!ImageImage

She’s a great photographer so she sent me her favorite mug wrapped up in the cozy. I had to do some crochet techniques – chaining and such – but it was fun to finally learn how to do that when usually I just avoid patterns that have any crocheting in them.

ImageYou kind of have to make the cozy based on your own mug since it’s not quite a one-size-fits-all, but thankfully yarn is stretchy and you can fudge it. It fit her mug well enough and is a great gift idea! Thanks, J, for the idea and photos!

Dog Gone Crazy

As promised, here is the Labrador dog I’ve been working on since October. This pattern stretched me to the limits! Very detailed and precise, lots of pieces (12 total to seam together), and LOTS of time!

I learned (again) the importance of reading a pattern before you start it. I saw this one, thought, “Oh, perfect! They have a Labrador dog so they’ll love this!” and failed to read that the pattern was 7 pages long and is knitted on size 2 needles (translation: instant carpal tunnel.)

I also learned that I am not a perfectionist when it comes to my knitting. This little guy looks more like Santa’s Little Helper from The Simpsons than a sophisticated pooch, but he’s cute and kind of loveable in his goofy way. I’m glad to have finished it despite my feelings of wanting to burn it halfway through.

How could I burn that sweet little face though with his wonky eyes? Side note: I made his little collar too…on my sewing machine…with a one and a half year old in my lap. Job well done. And yes, I feel totally justified in congratulating myself.

Knitting Season

It’s funny that as crafters you go through different seasons of what sounds enjoyable to make. I couldn’t imagine knitting even a dishcloth this past summer and now all I do is knit!

I’m under contract (not really, but that’s fun to say) to complete a series of projects for a relative who is having a baby soon. After knitting the hat, booties, and bloomers (see earlier blog post), I’ve since completed a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey player (since they hail from Canada) and am ALMOST done with a Labrador dog – post will be coming.

I throw in a quick project every now and then and of course never take pictures, but I just finished these cat paw fingerless gloves for my niece who is turning 9 next week. I’ll try to get her hands in them rather than mine…they look a little stretched out on me.

More to come! And a big thanks to my brother and his fancy camera.

Baby Blocks

I’m hoping if I post this, it will inspire me to finish the few sets I have sitting on my craft table waiting for me.  We’ve had some house guests the last couple of weeks and I’m out of my rhythm so I’m looking for some motivation!

This is my favorite gift to give to friends who are having babies.  Unless they’re naming them something like Jeremiah, Alexandra or Stephanie.  

I came across this idea from a pattern at a quilt store and thought this was too easy.  I use 6 inch squares that I sew together.  I fill them with polyfil and occasionally a cat toy for a jingle or some plastic for a crinkle.  These are just a few samplings of many sets I’ve made now.

They really are super easy and make such a unique baby gift.  I also try to match the colors I use with the colors/theme of each kids nursery.  And the best part is, kids love them. I’ve seen many babes enjoying these blocks.

So, if you’re one of my many pregnant friends, think of names like Bo, JR or Ann when naming your kids please!

Forces United

At long last, Mama Snod and I were together again for a cake decorating extravaganza. It was epic. It was stressful. It was inspiring. It was exhausting.

My son turned one and she flew out to do the cake with me, because that’s how this whole friendship started: cake experiments. The party was on a Sunday and we got right to work on Friday, which was a good thing too.

Enjoy the progression of a two-tier cake that included strawberry cheesecake filling, homemade fondant, German chocolate gooeyness, and cake spackle.

My son’s smash cake on the left, the white cake bottom tier, and the German chocolate cake in the back. All done Friday and put in the freezer.

Fillings, frostings, and spackle. Thanks to my sister-in-law, pastry chef extraordinaire, for all of the cake tips.

The midst of the Saturday madness…lunch eaten on the go, as you can see.

Getting closer…all red and blue pieces made of marshmallow fondant.

The finished products! E’s smash cake on the left and the main cake. I saw the cake toppers online for $35 made out of clay so I decided to try my hand at them. For a fraction of the price I made a pretty good replica.

It was a great weekend and I’m so blessed she came out to essentially be put to work. Blogs are great ways to stay connected and feel apart of a greater community, but it’s so nice to do things together with an actual person. So thank you, Mama Snod, for being such an inspiring friend and helping make E’s day so special. Toot TOOT!